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Abstractness vs Instability: Neo4j case study

April 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Robert C.Martin wrote an interesting article about a set of metrics that can be used to measure the quality of an object-oriented design in terms of the interdependence between the subsystems of that design.

Here’s from the article what he said about the interdependence between modules:

What is it that makes a design rigid, fragile and difficult to reuse. It is the interdependence of the subsystems within that design. A design is rigid if it cannot be easily changed. Such rigidity is due to the fact that a single change to heavily interdependent software begins a cascade of changes in dependent modules. When the extent of that cascade of change cannot be predicted by the designers or maintainers the impact of the change cannot be estimated. This makes the cost of the change impossible to estimate. Managers, faced with such unpredictability, become reluctant to authorize changes. Thus the design becomes rigid.

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Emulate the Internal keyword in Java

April 4, 2013 Leave a comment

C# introduced the internal keyword to enables information hiding across program boundaries. It can improve the ease of maintenance on much larger programs. When a public class is declared as internal, it’s accessible from the assembly containing this class, but hidden from any other assembly using it.

Java doesn’t have an equivalent of the internal keyword, and not provides any solution out of the box to have the same behavior.
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Lessons to learn from the Hibernate Core implementation

April 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Hibernate is an open source Java persistence framework project. Perform powerful object relational mapping and query databases using HQL and SQL.

In general the widely used libraries are well designed and implemented, and it’s very interesting to learn from them some coding best practices. Let’s take a look inside the hibernate core library and discover some of its design keys.
In this post Hibernate Core is analyzed by JArchitect to go deep inside its design and implementation.
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